Admin backoffice

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Internal management of orders, invoices, transactions

Back-Office Tool
Navigation design
UI components
User Experience
Web (Desktop)
Visual Design
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Order details
The admin backoffice is a simple tool that uses Chakra UI components to render all details handled by Mondu like orders, invoices, payouts, account statements, plugin testing, dunning case files etc.


The current navigation contains as many as 15 items with no grouping or ordinance. The product team and I took the initiative to clean it up. We collected people who work with the tool and created a card-sorting workshop which provided the basic guidance for the navigation shown below.
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Refurbished navigation design

Side drawers

Here are a few side drawers that exist in the dashboard that allow for various functionalities that the administrator can perform.
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Statement and Order details

Custom overlays

Based on requirements from the users of this dashboard, we had to build custom tables with information relevant to the order or invoice. One example with installment details can be seen below -
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Custom overlay table
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Custom overlay table - expanded

Few more screens

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Account statements view
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Confirm delete popover component
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Plugin testing page