Merchant dashboard

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Helping sellers manage orders created online and in-store

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Merchant dashboard home (WIP)

Orders and details

We started with orders for the seller's dashboard - A place to view all the orders placed with Mondu - Online and In-Store. Upcoming pages are invoices and payments, and their details respectively.
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List of Orders
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Order details page
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Order functionality modals

Offline Sales App

The Merchant dashboard also contained an Offline / In-store Sales App aka MonduSell where sales agents created Mondu orders in their physical store.
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In-store Sales App aka MonduSell
Once the "offer" is created, there is a confirmation email sent to the buyer. This confirmation opens in a browser showing all the details. The buyer confirms the offer and it becomes an "order". These actions can also be seen in the Orders page above.

Order creation

To create an order on MonduSell, the buyer's personal and business information needs to be entered, followed by the order details and the payment information. We created a large modal that provided sufficient space and tabs that organised the details required.
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Order creation modals
The buyer confirmation screen is the same as the Hosted Checkout Page (see Payment Interfaces) which is reused to show the order details in MonduSell.