Here are some of the projects I enjoyed working on -

Approach to design

More options

I enjoy creating multiple options, be it components or layouts. So you'll always have more to choose from, never less.

Lightning fast

I spew out first drafts very quickly, so there's more time to fine-tune, iterate and arrive at a first version that works.

Objective & Decisive

I keep in mind familiar layouts and mental models while designing, so my confidence levels, in what I create, is always high.

Good-looking & Bullet-proof

Over the years I've learned to design with clarified assumptions & dev. challenges. So my designs look good AND work well.

informed & assumed

The unknown does not bewilder me. I'm comfortable with less information and can simulate with the help of competitor resources.

System thinking

I always work with reusable components and layouts, so there is always some discipline, structure and efficiency in my work.